What else do we hire?

Once you've got the marquee booked you may want to hire additional equipment.

Canopy Walkways or Entrances

These can be used to connect the marquee to a building or to join two marquees together. Canopy only or walled, fully lined and lit walkways come in 2m or 3m width with the length to suit your requirement.


Georgian style or clear Panoramic style. Window material can extend into the gables and even the roofs of marquees to give you a truly open feel.

Dance Floors

These are built to size, to suit your requirement. We hire parquet floors, black and white floors, all white floors and plywood floors. Other more specialized floors are available.


Wooden or aluminium, can provide an elegant entrance and a good focal point. Essential for winter marquees.


Chairs come in many different types/styles including wooden folding, chiavari (bamboo style), gilt, white bistro with a wide choice of coloured cushions. If we do not stock your preferred style of chair we can source it for you.

We have many different table sizes:

Round tables in different diameters depending on the number of people you need to seat per table.

Trestle tables (6ft Long) in varying widths. We have recently added to our stock a 3ft wide trestle tables giving enough table width for decorations and/or serving dishes. The table will accept a removable 'D' End or rounded end, which allows two people to sit at the end of the table. High Chairs and booster seats are also available for children.

Linings and Starcloth/Night Sky

These can be seen in the picture gallery. We stock beautiful clean linings for all our structures, they are generally pleated but can be flat. Ivory or white lining are especially popular for weddings. A contrasting colour can be added with a valance/pelmet/swag which is a section of scalloped or straight fabric that hides the join between the roof and the wall lining. A range of valance colours from bold colours such as purple and red to softer looks of pastel blues and greens. Fabric panelled overlays can be added in the roof with a contrasting colour to add interest especially popular for parties.

Black roof linings with twinkling lights create an impressive night sky effect. A full roof night sky or a section over the dance floor adds atmosphere for the evening dancing. Special ethnic type linings in red and gold, they give a more intimate/atmospheric feel to the marquee and are often hired for parties which are looking for an Arabic or Moroccan theme.


Available all year round but is essential for winter hires. Indirect heaters stand outside the marquee and heat is blown in through a flexible tube. These are specifically designed for marquees and only allow the clean warm air inside. Diesel and propane gas indirect heaters are available.


Choice will depend on a variety of factors. Our range consists of matting or carpet laid on a waterproof membrane, wooden floors of various type,again with carpet, interlocking plastic floors plus flooring suitable for pathways. New fire retardant carpet is used, available with a choice of colours. All carpet is re-used or recycled after the event.


Staging for performers or for speeches is available. A sectional system using 8ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft blocks which can be built to suit your requirements. The stage height is adjustable.


These can be used as a source of power for events. We will ensure you have the right size generator for your event. Ring us for advice on power requirements. Power can also be drawn from the house from the main fuse box. Our associated qualified independent electrician would do this work.

Cotswold Marquees will undertake all the electrical installations including all necessary distribution boards and cables. In order to provide a reliable service with the electrics, John qualified as an electrician. So you can be confident we can sort out any electrical issues.


Lighting for atmosphere and effect as well as just being able to see, is important. We offer a wide range of internal and external lighting.

Internal: Brass, silver, wrought iron or white globe chandeliers can complement your theme. Festoon lights with clear or coloured bulbs, fairy lights strings and wreaths, ball lights, pin spots, up-lighting, 'colour wash' lighting, LED lighting. Mirror Balls over the dance floor. For more complex special effects we engage one of our trusted lighting specialists where any lighting effect is possible and his team will oversee the lighting through the event.

External: Tungsten Halide Flood Lighting for house/gardens. Garden 'spike' lights, fairy/festoon lighting for trees and lots more

'Chill-Out' Moroccan/ Oriental Style

Smaller 'chill out' areas with low seating, soft furnishings, cushions, bean bags, sari walls, sofas etc. An ethnic style lining with more subtle lighting is a place to relax in. Ask for details.


Bars can be as simple as a trestle table with a cloth or a can be more of a feature such as high bar with shelves wooden, perspex , as a corner, straight or even round. Tall pedestal or poseur tables with 'Z' style bar stalls or lower café style tables are ideal for a drinks reception.

Occasional Furniture

Parasols and hardwood furniture sets outside the marquee create a pretty setting for the summer. Sofas with low banquettes and a coffee table provide an informal area for a moments relaxation during the event.

Table Linen

Available in white, ivory and a range of colours and patterns from gingham to zebra stripe! We also supply linen and look like linen napkins, suitable for any event

White Picket Fence

Ideal for a 'members only' enclosure at a show or cricket game but gives a country feel to any event. Hired in 8ft long sections.


We make our own cloth bunting usually with a general colour themes such as blue, green or pink. If we haven't got what you want we can make it for you.

Braziers & Flambés & Flares & Lanterns

When the sun goes down braziers area a warm gathering point for your guests. Gas Flambés add the drama to an entrance/exit. Bamboo flares light up pathways and car parks. We hire a variety of 'T' light candle lanterns, with a crook so you can hang them up and/or place them around the garden.


Free standing screens are useful when screening off a kitchen and/or a cloakroom area. Our standard wooden screens have a fabric front which we change to match the marquee lining. Outside screens can be used to hide generators or heaters.

Coat Rails & Hat Pegs & Easels & Table Name Holders & Candelabra

All available for hire. The candelabra vary in type and style.

Plants and Trees

Decorative bay trees and foliage can be hired. If desired we can fill your marquee with architectural style plants and trees all in white modern contemporary planters.